Healthy Feet Allow Active Senior Years

Podiatrists can help seniors stay active by keeping their feet healthy. Some are unable to look after their feet because they have poor vision and limited flexibility.

Whether you require assistance with management of hard skin, ingrown-nail pain or you would like regular and ongoing nail care, we are here to provide you with a professional and personalised experience. We use sterilized and specialist instruments to provide precise nail care for those needing assistance or for people looking for a professional treatment.

Tips for healthy older feet

So to ensure good foot health in your senior years, it is important to:

  • Wear correct fitting and supportive footwear
  • Keep as mobile and as active as you can
  • Keep nails regularly trimmed and filed
  • Attend to corns and calluses early
  • Inspect your feet daily.


General Podiatry Care

Providing services for all your foot and leg issues. Area’s covered include; general foot care, diagnosis, assessment and management of issues relating to the foot and lower leg, biomechanical assessments, and orthotics. Click here to find out more…

Poor circulation and insensitivity are the two main causes of poor foot health in people with diabetes.  An annual foot check for diabetics to check blood circulation to feet and neuropathy depletion. Click here to find out more.

Removal of the nail spike is surprisingly painless. Dressing advice is also given and possible recommendation of antibiotic use if infection present. If the problem is persistent surgical intervention may be required. Click Here to learn more about the surgical option.